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Disarray (ft. Mees Vullings) - text


Live with your hopes up high in the sky.
This is what you have created.
Shape this world with the hands of faith.
Everything you can imagine is real.

You took over the wheels of life but you lost control.
Trapped in your own reality.
Surrounded by everything you've corrupted.
Was this all for nothing.

Building a stronghold to hide behind the walls.
You have to stand for something.
Don't be a coward and show me.
That you have the strength to take back what you've lost.
And claim your throne.

You're so far away from home.
Lost in the middle of chaos.
Covered in scars you realized.
You've had it all.
And in the end you'll see.

Everything that you've lost was nothing but a dream.
Take it from me i've seen it.
In fear of what you loved and you only bleed.
You only bleed.

Pull me down I am fearless.
Face the empty handed ones.
Preacher of the abandoned.
We will fight from rise till dawn.

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