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I've been wandering around for too long
I always ask myself
Why am I living in this lie?

I never asked for this
To be the one who holds the key of deceit.

There is nothing to hold on to
Now let me stand firm with my feet on the ground.
I need to break free from what is written in stone
So i can live this life on my own terms

You are the cancer of life.
Sent from the heavens to destroy
And take avantage of the blind

you think that you're saving lives
But they are already dead
By shoving your words in their minds

So Keep preaching to your so called creator
These words won't help you to get up on your feet
Gather your hopes and dreams to fight for your existence
Never wait for an answer that you'll never receive

Stop feeding the society
with words they don't want to hear.
Express yourself with the purpose to save
But all you do is leave them in fear

“Construct the throne of truth
And name me king without a crown
For i will rule this world
Restore what has been depraved
and rebuild what has been destroyed

Now, and forevermore
I will shine the brightest light, for you to see
That happiness and bliss
Are made by the choices you make.”x2

I break the chains of my anchors.
And let you drown amongst your own kind
For they will never survive
As I will rise after every fall

Surrounded by chaos
As I stand on the highest mountain
Where I will look down on you

Watching you suffocate
in a sea of your own lies.
While you're fighting for your fictitious life.
You witnessed the fate of the ones before you.

Your life flashes before your eyes
As you spill your last breath out of your lungs.
Take one final look at your surroundings.
Before I send you to the depths of hell.

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