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The way I am
By: The Ridas of the Southeast

You are whatever you say you are slim
You a dumb fuck for dissing my family
What da fuck you were thinking by doing dat
This ur boy ghost on this shit yea I just got
Down with juggalo fucker
I once liked you until I heard you diss da family
You a wanna be black nigga but you will never
Be black or a juggalo bitch
Come see me if you got a problem
With me dissing your dumb ass
By the end of the day imam have your
Whole family sucking my juggalo family
Dick while I’m shitting in your grave
Get right bro o hold up you will never be my bro
Pussy ass wanna be rapper
Your shit goes hard but my shit is harder

[Midnite Angel]
Yo this is Midnite coming on the fucking mic right now
Fuck Eminem and everything he stands for
Who and the fuck do you think we are
We aren’t like you who see
Your enemy and runs like a hoe
Yes everyone knows you’re a raging homosexual
They know you gave Dr. Dre head in the back of the studio
Shit everyone knows we fucked Hailey
Oh yea Eminem one more thing from me
If you ever come at me with that homosexual
Shit I’ll rip off your own dick and shove it up your own ass
Then pull it up through your mouth and make you choke on it

What’s up Eminem heard you coming clean
You should’ve been come out the closet
You are gay as Michael Jackson in his prime
Now it’s time for shadow to shine
I love Kim like the next girl but my
Boy ghost done fucked her
Sorry to tell you like this but Hailey
OMG she gives good head and she fucks
Like a champ all my juggalos fucked everybody
Including my pet dog I don’t like you kill yourself slowly
My name is shadow I come through
You in a shadow we juggalos move
Quite as a mouse fight like a kangaroo
We are insane we are Twiztid to the fullest
But when we’re are together we’re truly Dark Lotus
I love my cousins the scenes but Eminem I salute
You and the way you fucked Dr. Dre it’s good that
Kim was a cover up so good luck bitch shadow out

Well its candy on this shit
I’m about to kill this shit
Slim you ain’t anything but a bitch
But you are whatever I say you are
And that’s a pussy for fucking with
Scenes and juggalos so fuck you I’m out

Text přidal midnite

Eminem dis album

The ridas of the southeast texty

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