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The end to a beginning
By: The Ridas of the Southeast

This your boy ghost about to kill this
I’m done dissing you slim
This the end of your rap career boy
You fucked with the wrong family
As I said in my last track I’m shitting in your grave son
It’s over cause I do it over and over again bitch
Imma end my part like dis
It’s the beginning and ending of your career
What I mean by the end and beginning of your career
Is the beginning of mine and the end of yours bitch
Now imma let my juggalo fam end this shit
Ghost out 10-4 to your 10-1 dumb fuck

Eminem what’s up man
I told you twice Kim never wanted you
Hailey’s on my bed pregnant like a hippo
Hippies outside starting a riot man
I eat Eminems like French toast stick
Tell Hailey she just can’t get enough
Kim fucking the whole fam next week
She fucking in Ohio last week it was Iraq
Osama was saying oh Kim keep going
Eminem can’t beat it up like a Muslim can
He ended his career with recovery
Recovery from my fam fucking your mom
The pussy was good but Hailey was better
In Wal-Mart located in the entertainment section
I’m Twiztid most insane

[Candy Man]
My boy shadow just killed it
He’s Twiztid he’s fucking insane
I’m going off on this you ended your career
With recovery I’ll give you credit for spacebound
But still why you dis my fam man
Hell you going to be recovering from
This ass beating you going to take
I want Hailey back Candy out

[Midnite angel]
This is just a taste of what we can do
You dissed the juggalo family bitch
We didn’t forget that’s why we came out with
A whole album dissing your filthy fucking swine ass
This is the real wend of your career

Text přidal midnite

Eminem dis album

The ridas of the southeast texty

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