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By: The Ridas of the Southeast

[Midnite Angel] (chorus )
I’m a juggalo until the end of time
I rather be real and unsuccessful
Than fake and successful like
The fake ass mainstream rappers
That rap about drugs and what they
Wish they could do with their life
The juggalo family is the realist
Family on this fucking earth we don’t
Have to lie about the things we do
Because we really have done everything
We say we have done
Don’t forget Charlie scene and his family
They’re real and successful you have my respect
On code of honor Charlie scene Whoop, Whoop

[Shadow] (verse 1)
We are the realist
Juggalo family until the end
Mainstream is dead
Shadow is alive
Real juggalo never switch up
I am a Twiztid person
Midnite just told the real truth
I told the rappers to drop dead


[Ghost]( verse 2)
This is your Ghost about to kill this shit
Fu# mainstream, I was never
The type of person to be mainstream
The type of person I am I still get as much
pussy if not more than you mainstream fuckers
shitReal this way I don’t have to prove anything
To you Fuck s just know when you hit me I’m fighting back
I’m not a bitch because I don’t talk shit Back I say what I have to
Say than move the fuck on just know like I said hit me you
Will get hit back better kill me or I will kill you
I’m done talking about you mainstream fucks
I’m out fuck this shit bitch

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Eminem dis album

The ridas of the southeast texty

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