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Opening my closet
By: The Ridas of the Southeast

[Midnite Angel]

Sorry mainstream
I meant to hurt you
I meant to make you cry
Cause I’m a juggalo
And tonight I’m opening my closet

I got feelings in my closet and no one will
Understand but my juggalo Fam but before
I enter the Dark Carnival I’m going to open
My closet and let it all out


Opening my closet
Hmm mainstream do you want my soul
Fuck yall I gave my soul to the juggalo family
Allah is over me first class
Muslims stand up
Juggalo stand up
Scene stand up
Mainstream suicide attempt
I hear you talking about ICP
But where your hands at
Hear CNN talking about the family
I commit and say fuck all yall
Family till the end
Muslims and juggalos nationwide
Cousins taking over


I can’t open my closet because
The shit that’s in it will break
Your heart or never the less kill you
Cause you can’t handle it
I gave thanks to my juggalo family
Haven’t been a juggalo for long
But your boy cooling it
Bout to take The Ridas of the Southeast
To the next step watch out cause my closet is opening

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Eminem dis album

The ridas of the southeast texty

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