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Just know
By: The Ridas of the Southeast

[Midnite Angel]
Just know if it wasn’t for the shit
That my father put me through
I wouldn’t be a real juggalo through and through
Just know that I am tired of the bullshit and
Games that everyone is throwing towards me
I just want all the fake people to die
Just do yourself a favor Eminem and get it out the way
Just know I’m a juggalo until the end of time
And if anyone has a problem with it can either
Just get over it or just fucking die
Just know you can what you want about me
Cause the only people who know the true me
Is the juggalo family cause Twiztid is the shit
And I’m down with the clown until I’m dead in the ground

[Dumb Ass Death Angel]
What you need to know
That the FAM is really a world
That every Ace and every Overlord
Is really a king
Just know we have an Army too
Just know we want to get out
And enjoy life as we make it ourselves

[Midnite Angel]
Just know the Wraith is watching
Over each and every Juggalo
To keep us strong while
We are facing the Carnival of Carnage
Just know I pray to the Wraith each
And every day asking him to watch over
The juggalo family and to help it become bigger
And stronger as each day passes so that we can
Over power mainstream as we were made to do

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