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Into my eyes
By: The Ridas of the Southeast

[Dumb Ass Death Angel]
Take a look into my eyes
What do you see?
Can you see all the lies
Or the dark side of me
They say the eyes are a
Portal to the soul
Take a peek in to mine
I’m sure you see that I’m
Not whole and I hate to walk the line

[Midnite Angel]
Fuck walking the mainstream line bi%

Ass mother fuckers always trying to shine but
They can’t because they’re fake as hell
We juggalos don’t need the radio or the TV
To get popular cause word of our music
Spreads through the underground like pariah
We rule this fucking earth no one else can
Take over our turf juggalo’s and scenes
Are family for life look into my eyes if
You want just know you’ll be scared
As hell when you are done

Mainstream fuck yall
Juggalos love yall
Now turn up Muslims
Juggalos running the world
Underground kings mainstream on bullshit
Real shit I hear you rappin where is your punch line
Mainstream look at me what do you see
Your body in a fucking funeral home
Family over everything never
Mainstream over everything
So kill yourself

It’s yo boy candy on this shit Mainstream
On the bullshit Level I walk the metal line
Never the mainstream I support my juggalos
And scenes my family is my life Eminem and
All you other rappers are pussies
I’m out

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Eminem dis album

The ridas of the southeast texty

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