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When they say they're too big to fail what exactly does that mean?
Why not take a look from where I stand.
I think you're falling apart and breaking at the seams.
Those old bones won't hold up forever.
I am manipulation in a world of jelly fish.
I am the ugliest of truth.
Every machine fails and every man dies.
Don't worry we sell replacement parts.
You've got a big mouth for such a little man.
Step aside and let it get...
Stronger. Younger. Better.
I'm the words that never let you free.
I'm the ugliest truth. I am dissension in the ranks.
I'm the line you can't shake from your head.
I'm the ugliest truth that keeps you reaching for the stars.
When they said they're too big to fail what exactly does that mean?
The sound can't be held out forever.
Suffer by yourself the truth will take the pain away.
Sacrifice yourself the truth won't take the pain away.

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