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Floating Through the Vein - text

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Tear it up.
Break it open.
Drop the hammer.
Don't just wait for it to fall for when it snaps its waves bring hell.
Floating, floating through the vein.
What's the cost of success?
Big deal it's just one more time.
Without debt or encumbrance.
Normal people - the ones that walk the street.
They don't understand.
They don't here the call.
Call to arms.
Line the roads with their dead.
So far passed the point of exploding (explodes).
So far past the point where the cycle was supposed to end.
When your past the point of the lowest low.
Long past the point where the cycle ends.
When will it end?
Why won't the nightmares end?
Fall head first in the lions den and now they have returned to play.
Come on in where nightmares are the best part of my day.
There is no rest for tired eyes, it's time to go to sleep.
Sometimes thoughts return, but memories slip away.
Floating through the vein, floating through the vein.

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