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Let's make a film, it'll be such fun
All you need is a girl and a gun,

We'll pump it full of art and sex
It'll make a sure-fire success
Of you and me

And if I crumble in the face of lust
The porn, pain and prescription drugs
Will get me through

So don't tell me I'm not thinking straight
I'm looking rough but I'm feeling great
I promise you

There's no turning back, Ruth

It's too much love that's killing me
So that method stuff and your empathy
I just don't need

Performance problems in the bed
We'll beef up your part with blood and sweat
Just make - believe

That you're as happy as a bird
Who thinks that "cage" is just a word
We call home

And all your existential holes
Will clog up when the camera rolls
I swear

No, there's no turning back, Ruth
There's no turning back, Ruth

The world's too big and life's too short
To act so badly out of sorts
We all grow up

But it feels like the end has come
And we've only just begun
To live, my love

No, there's no turning back, Ruth

All you need's
A girl, and a gun
Give me a gun

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