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Seen you walk down Lavender Hill
with your new friend.
Hey babe, you look so good,
I almost loved you again.

Seen you walk down Lavender Hill
with your new best friend.
Hey honey, did you tell him
about the time I was impotent?

Are my secrets safe,
or have you blown the lid on
the way that I behaved?
If you haven't yet,
I'm sure that you will
(one day)
On Lavender Hill.

How much has changed,
since that first year in London
when it always rained
and I'd meet you by Horsecart's Parade?

(I'm sure you remember)
Long afternoons
between the sheets in that room
by Clapham's Tube
till you lost me, or I lost you
and our little scene was through.

And your new friend looks at me,
and he holds your hand so jealously,
God knows where I'd be
(If looks could kill)
On Lavender Hill.

Hey, baby, in the scheme of things
We just lost the thrill
But maybe that's the way of things
Some folk get their fill.
(And some folk get to foot the bill)

And though we said goodbye
With a careless wave
and an oh-so-nonchalant smile
I felt strange
Cause in many ways,
in many ways,
in many ways,
I liked you still
(until that day)
On Lavender Hill

On Lavender Hill

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