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I've always liked daisies
I really love the way they poke their heads through crazy paving
We're just like daisies
Inching around, on the ground
Trying to avoid the cows

Makes me feel lazy
Surely the summer birds aren't already migrating
Seems crazy
The way they fuss, disturbing us
When it felt so cool
To be pressing down the daisies with you

A billion buildings bend above me
That cathedral's been here so long
This city's just a chocolate box of goodies
The flowers will still be here when it's gone

Contain me
The cold earth will claim me
Wrapping it's arms back 'round, the very charms it gave me
No one will save me
I know that you would, if you could
But even you
Will be pushing up the daisies one day, too

Even you
Will be pushing up the daisies one day, too

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