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From Where I Am - text


I've been speeding like a train to find myself again
But I've stumbled on my homeward bound
I've been sailing every sea to find pieces out of me
But I always seem to run aground

Hey now everywhere I go
In search for the perfect flow
I end up as the same old Godforsaken man
So long, just sound of rain
pouring down my windowpane
It's sad but I can see no sun from where I am

Oh Mother holding all my reins won't you fill up all my veins
Though my body's full of bullet holes
There's no need sewing up my skin 'cause things that shouldn't
Be within traded places with my soul

I can see no sun from where I am
What's the reason save a man
As long as no one understands
A soul as flat as a leaf, a body fragile as glass

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