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I wade thru corpses in the trenches of hell
I'm demon incarnate, a ritual of darkness
Behold my victory, I served (it) so well
Evangelistic annihilation of prophecies
I live through your pain, I feed from your faith
A servant of despair, a messenger of hate
A preacher of lies, the embodiment of fate
The reek of rotting Earth, once last, now the first
Deny the holy birth
In the veils of death, I lay my curse
To live in fear, the hollow in your souls
[Solo: Mike Wead]
Welcome the endless thirst of man
Welcome the Grand Deceiver
I'm the desert storm and you can hear me roar
Deny the rise of His flesh
Bring chaos through order like never before
We are purified in death
It burns the skin, it rottens the flesh
I hear the screams, still my grim smile shows
Strike down the opposition
Led by Christ and his whore commission
You never trust the bloody cross
You never trust the bloody cross
[Solo: Mike Wead]
I shall never bear your cross
We will deny you your redemption
Won't mourn your loss
You're well-deserving of our infestation
Refuse the bread, refuse the wine
Refuse the lies He told mankind
Kill for deliverance, kill for perfection
End this farce in all directions
Your King is gone, you're all alone
Banished from the shores of heaven
Refuse the bread, refuse the wine
Refuse the lies He told mankind
Pierce the soul like darkness does light
Gather the hordes with all of our might
Revel in blindness, shut down their eyes
Perfection in heaven, perfection in lies
You never trust the bloody cross
You never trust, perfection in lies, the bloody cros

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