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Carving Out the Tongues Which Speak of Salvat.. - text

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The revelation to crown the king of kings
Let it be upon us, let it be upon thee
Our wrath is glorious, your God is deceased
Absolution, resolution, brought down to His knees
The temple of darkness, the entrance to hell
The gates are open, cleanse the soul
from weakness and filth
Breed the rats and have them killed
Summoning the God that shreds the earth apart
You will kneel before the Lord of Plague
Let me sleep in death, to awake and destroy
Feel the ice in my veins, it feeds my pain
Severed wings of creatures divine, I’ll give you my blood
The final end is righteously mine, I’ll give you my blood
Through the power of Lucifer, I’ll give you my blood
Crush the holy foundation
I’ll give you my blood, embrace the cold in me
Let your saviour die, there’s no soul in me
Scream, my slaves, scream!
I’m the tormentor aflamed,
I’m the sorcerer of death
The apostles of carnage, join our retribution
The murder of Jehovah, the final solution
Desire me like fire like all fire desire me
This was all meant to be
I’m planning my vengeance, I am of hell
Arise my demons, you served me well
I am the king - burn!
Fire! Fire!
You cannot hide from the power that is us
Our strength is endless, so is our lust
The nailing of your savior begins again
I am your king!
Kill with no mercy
We are the Legion of The Unmerciful God
Black wings we have
Kill with no mercy, we are the Legion
Hunt me down and you will be hunted
There’s no one who can defeat me
Ripping through the flesh of the trinity
We rape Mother Mary, ending her virginity
This carnage eternal is my eternal home
Tearing through the core of His majesty
It’s time to resurrect what’s inside of me
The eternal redemption and its bloodsoaked soil
Tyranny comes from your God,
fire will destroy you all
Tyranny comes from your God
The Hate will destroy you all!

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