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Blessed are we who are sane in mind
Blessed are we to see through lies
Blessed are we to choose not to be blind
Blessed are we with hollow eyes
How blessed we are to be lied upon
Come into me...
Share their lies with me
I dare you to, I dare you to
The roses die as angels cry
I am beauty, I'm insanity
We are one...
Body... soul... and pain
Blessed are we in this infernal wasteland
Blessed are we with the infernal hate plan
Blessed are we to be lied upon
Blessed are we to kill the son
Blessed are we to bath in blood
Blessed are we without a god
Oh how blessed you are to be lied upon
Come into me...
To have their lies within your heart
I envy you so...
The roses cry as angels die
I am beauty, I'm insanity
You are alone, body and soul
You are alone...

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