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The mouth that speaks the eternal lie
Is the mouth who orders
the burning of the skies
Repent! Devour thy flesh! Repent!
This is the Day of Deliverance
Welcome the day of my devilry
Bring to light the Day of Defeat
Stand in the ashes of the heavens I burnt
The sun turns to blood, I am scorching the Earth
Spreading the massacre over our land
Consequence, relevance, fire and death
Proclamation of nothingness, nothing is left
When everything is gone
I wash my hands in your precious blood
When nothing is left
You still have faith in your precious God
I’ve been deceived and left to die alone
Your sins are mine, my cross to bear
It’s my cross to bear
I walk into war
In heaven above me, my legions are forming
Preparing to tear it apart
Spear by spear, the end is here
These murders are my work of art
I confess to the loneliness
I roar as I congregate
As night falls, the final call
My time to dominate
There is no innocence, only guilt and shame
There is no Saviour, only faith to blame
Destroy the gates of heaven,
march through with Death in hand
Spill the blood of servants
Spill the blood of Man
There is no hope or comfort, only hate and pain
There is no God to save you, only vanity
Burn the shores of heaven with fire from below
Drink the blood of servants, drink the blood of Man
Be the one
Be me and carry this burden
Which I, myself, laid upon my shoulders
Be the one, be the one
Walk on water, The Lying King
Fear my becoming and what I’ll bring
Roar like a lion, death be born
I’m Salvation, you’re forlorn
The hands that write the eternal lie
Are the hands that hold the sword when you die
I swear allegiance to devour thy flesh
I swear allegiance
I am allegiance
I swear allegiance
And to those who kneel in front of me
will be granted death
The horsemen’s ride is the final sight
for the weakened holy race
Disciples of the Serpent Throne, arise!
Stand in line, filthy swine
Your death is mine to side with
Rise and fall, filthy whore
This is the fall of your empire
Stand in line, godless swine
The death of your disciples
Rise and fall, faithless whore
This is the fall of your empire
Stand in the ruins of the heavens I burnt
The moon turns to blood
I am raping the Earth
For thousands of years, a liar in waiting
Infesting the core of the true revelation
Consequence, decadence, fire and death
Proclamation of lunacy, nothing is left
Nothing is left

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