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A little blind spider took the wheel
Navigatin' grass blades completely by feel
Got a sassy chassis, sparklin in the sun
All four small bald fat tires
rockin through the sand and burnin' up
Little dune buggy in the sand
little blue dune buggy in my hand
I got a rubber-band motor hummin' on a beach, ready for fun
Quit spinnin' and webbin', come out play in the sun
Eight thimble-sized cylinders, be as smooth as you please
Spider's bad-ass fat old abdomen stuck in the buggy seat
Squishy transmission was caught in drive
Spider man was squinting at the sand in the sky
Spider woman in the front seat, screamin' "Go, Go, Go,"
He's ridin' the accelerator down to the floor with his fuzzy little toe
Little blue dune buggy

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