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Happy with no teeth
Happy here in hibernation
Slurpin' on a peach
Starin' at the situation
Kitty at my foot
Meowin' out a conversation
Rockin' back and forth
That's my only destination
Old man on the back porch
Old man on the back porch
Old man on the back porch
And that old man is me!
Old man on the back porch
Old man on the back porch
Old man on the back porch
And that...
Got a two string on my lap
Total subsonic vacation
Got chicken on the drums,
Poundin' out a perfect prescription
Got twenty little worms
I'll plug in some amplification
Got fifteen hundred base drum - lugging bug-eyed monkeys
All arriving at the station
I'm sitting on the back porch, kickin' my legs back,
rockin' in my rocking chair, and sittin' there
On the little back porch is about to fall apart
So I think I might repair it
Just as I'm thinkin' about repairin' it,
Some little friends come along
with some two-string, one-string, no-string guitars
And they all plug em all in to the back porch
And they sit around playin' all their favorite songs
They's kickin' back feelin' real good,
real fine, real full of the wine
And everything's fine, everything's beautiful,
everything's great, I just feel so good
You know I'm seventy years old
and I'm slurpin' everything through a straw
But I'm an...

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