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Heaven's Gonna Happen Now - text


Justine, you're dying just to hear the sound
And dreaming of another town
Cuz nothing here is going on

Write now, cuz all your real friends are words
You've never ever been so sure
That what you've got can't be cured

And now, nothing's gonna turn us down
You can't sit there and look scared
When everything's happening now

Come on, nothing's gonna turn us down
So don't stand there like you don't care
Cuz heaven's gonna happen now

Look down, don't see yourself between the lines
Just tell them that you're doing fine
Cuz I can tell you're doing time

In a cell that looks just like a family home
Where solitaire is all you know
And there's nowhere that you could go

Break down, or maybe just break the skin
You're writing down everything
Cuz words are still a faithful friend

So now, tell me what you're gonna do
Cuz I can see the fire in you,
And I can see it's burning through

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