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Beware Of Ghouls - text


In he graveyard, behind the church
A rusty sign reads ghouls
It's been around for centuries
It's meaning can't be told
Listen up to ancient tales
Of monsters, zombies, ghosts
'bout creatures rising from the graves
To haunt the living world

The world
Haunt, the world

Strike of midnight, the air is chilled
A scream rips through the night
Prepare for your worst nightmare
A gruesome, ghastly sight

Four figures showing in the mist
They're dressed in ragged black
With hideous features, gleaming fangs
They are and eat the dead

The dead
Eat the dead

Beware of ghouls-beware
Beware of ghouls-beware
Beware of ghouls-beware
Beware of ghouls-beware

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Video přidal SmushrCZ

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