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Welcome to Point Black - text


"So angry, you're about to burst. It's getting darker and darker, while the anger actually feels quite good. Too bad that all that fine venom will be gone tomorrow..."

Running on close to empty
For way too long by far
If things did not go downhill
They wouldn't move at all

So the big bad black hole is lurking
Pulling you inside
If this monster's breaking loose
They're longing for Mr. Hyde

Shades of blue turn to anger
Welcome to Point Black
Words like bullets
Welcome to Point Black
No bark all bite
Welcome to Point Black
No mercy from the bad if you need it

At least that's what it feels like
So jump in all the way
Drowning in a self-made ocean
Walking on water the next day

Only view is from the downside
Then base your life on this
Feel the need to dig down deeper
Just to see how bad it gets

Let your mind go round in circles
Breeding on the back
Breathing fire and faking venom
Until all colours come creeping back

When the dam breaks
I let it all go
I get pulled away
By this undertow
Bite my own neck
Scream until I'm gone
Welcome to Point Black
Rain in my kingdom

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