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50 Ways to Love Your Liver - text


"When it gets too crazy, when the circus just won't leave town and people do the stupid stuff only people do, sometimes all you can do is snake your head and have a drink. And then another one."

It all got scary that day we stopped for gas
Four guys were pushing a dead car, not very last
And as they reached the garage, they loaded up on beer
They kept on pushing that car straight out of there

Man, all this drives me to drinking
I laugh it off, shake my head, burn some more
I laugh it off, but I can't help thinking
I laugh it off, shake my head, burn some more

If JC sneaks around, I bet he won't have a clue
How to keep my cool, like all the others do
Nothing helps a bad moon more like spreading it around
Feeling six inch under, but it's still underground

There are 50 ways to love your liver
And if this circus doesn't change
50 ways to love your liver
I'll try one of them

Money and children first, and beer is thicker than water
Surviving my drinking is a reason to party
Alcoholiday to Alcoholocaust
But with this level of shit, a little sip is fair

Oh man, we all know better
And fruit tea saves life and brain cells
But do you want to know what?
You wanna know what? Fuck that.

There are 50 ways to love your liver
But what I'm doing here
50 ways to love your liver
Isn't one of them

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