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The Man Who Saw the Universe - text


"A couple of beers, a classic debut album, and then thinking about knowing, seeing, controlling everything in the universe. Like a god. And having tea with other gods on Tuesdays."

Finally I got it made,
High-lived the hand of fate
I struck a deal, I signed the deed
Teatime with the gods for me

The only thing I had to give
Is a tiny self and all that lives
While death grows old and fades away
Not in stranger eons I will die

Now I can, I see through you
And in your eyes
Feed you brain
With love or lies

Small human mind
From the inside to the out
Sees it all, feels it all
Never understands it all
And I transcend
And I became - The Man Who Saw The Universe

Imagine you could see it all
Every thing, however small
Whatever was and will ever be
Among the gods and sipping tea

Once it's done, there's no way back
No good, no evil, no beaten track
I'm godly now, invincible
Immortal and irrelevant

Now I can, I see it all
With my own eyes
Feed your world
With smiles or cries

Infinite knowledge, I see black
I know, for me, there's no way back
Heaven and hell, the deal is made,
Just wait and watch, and outlive my fate

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