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"What is and what should never be. A victory that doesn't feel like one. The suspicion that you're going the wrong way even though people see you as the king of the world... The main riff to this one has been around for ages. A nice little stomper."

The darker side of zen
Is not caring anymore
I'm used to losing battles,
Now I lost the war

Reduced to a flatline,
The day they took my soul
Crossed that fine line
The day it took it's toll

It will haunt me until my dying day
But it never, ever goes away

Losing hope is losing fear
Pure blck looks clear, just for the cause
Forever down, my rusted crown
Bow down to the king I was

Lost my life,
But forgot to die
Now I'm watching
All my dreams expire

Spread my wings,
Spread myself too thin
Forever poisoned
By what could've been

Don't trust a man who doesn't cry, yeah
Don't trust s man who does not bleed
This life is still way too clean for me
To bleed, to bleed all over...

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