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I'd be the first to say it
i took the bait and ate it
tried the dive
and throught i'd made it

Started swimming
with the crooks and liars
shouldn't have gotten in the water
but my world was on fire

I'm not worried
by selling your stories i'm writing mine

Keep my cool in the sharkpool
look who's laughting now
another round in the sharkpool
said and done, i've had my fun
i'll be your Chief Brody if you try to bite
leave the circling in your dirty little sharkpool

King shark's trying to play me,
all teeth, all smiles,
fish smells from the head down
let her circle a while

Took my walk on amity island
things got fishy pretty quick
homo sapiens leaves the water
staying human does the trick

Oh, don't worry
by writing my story i'm selling yours

Get out of the water

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