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One Thing I Know - text


I was impressed how you expressed your soul so true
i was listening to your songs a million times now
baby, here's a song for you

It's almost kind of weird to come up with this now
but i wouldn't shout it out i guess i'd trick my heart somehow

You probably should know that all the ache is gone
it made me what i am, happy with my flaws, i get my duties done

I send kisses to your neck
just like i did
i say 'til the end of time
cause we believed

One thing i know
is if you pick up a pen
and write rhymes again
it's for someone else but not me

Now please don't get me wrong even through i was accused
i'm glad i chose the way i've chosen at the dead end of the road
now how about you?

Thinning hair, double chin
cellulites within
a tune soundslike a cough
is it really you?

Hips are double sized
men are paralyzed
every time you walk by
is it really you?

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