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Not Quite That Simple - text


You like 'em quiet, no big talkers
hassle free walk-the-walkers
you like 'em straightup, mind made up
face value kings, no second-thoughters

Caveman charm raises no alarm
let sleeping dogs die at our funny farm
wild man candy rocks, should never talk
skeletons sleeping, close is locked

You just wait and see an i'll just let you be
you'll never go far, if you never go deep
it's not quite that simple
it's not quite that simple

Incommunicado, i'm getting desperado

Testosterone toys don't spread & destroy
comfort zone homies for that lighthearted joy
smooth surface sailing, what a pleasure trip
who rocks the boat is going down with the ship

Ronnie's mom said "be a simple kind of man"
well. i try my best but i'm not sure i can
so hush now, better not talk
skeletons sleeping, closet is locked

It's all clear to you, just do it, you say
but i'm not a mindreader

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