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"It won't work, and you know it. Everything will fall apart, it's just too much and it's heading for a crash. At some point someone has to give in..."

I want scream it louder,
But I need to silence all the roar
Everyone wants a piece of me
Every day a new goddamn war

This rollercoaster's bound to break
But even that won't make it stop
If you see me backing off at last,
I'm only taking a long run-up

Something's going to blow
Something's going to break
Someone's hitting the wall (right here)
Someone's going to hell (oh yeah)
Something's got to give - but it won't be me

Extra extra, the game is on
It's called find the weakest link
Cracks appear, the pressure shows
I can't throw the towel in

So come on, folks, keep on firing
I need a bullet to bite
Tying a noose from my lifeline
Teach me the art of living right

Not me!

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