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More than a Man - text


"Temptation is a bitch. A hot one. And persistent, too. Names have been omitted to protect the not-so-innocent. No relationships or egos have been harmed during the making of this song. Which is, of course, entirely fictional."

We can only wake up guilty
It we find the time to sleep
Once this thing gets moving
No-one cares if it goes deep

The train would keep a-rolling
All night long, and all day too
Hard to ignore obvious attraction
Homo sapiens back to the zoo

It takes more than a man
To stop this man
From doing what every man would do

You can only wake up guilty
If you ever fall asleep...

Hard to walk a straight line
Around curves like this
I wonder how I kept so clear
Armageddon in a single kiss

Sparks are flying
And you light a cigar
Getting along like a whorehouse on fire
Got your hand in the cookie jar

The aftermath would be cracy
But I'm pretty good with numbers...

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