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"This is a song about instincts, in fact about a special one. If you've been there, you know. If you haven't, you can't. The main riff was jammed in our first session. Go figure."

It won't ever lade, it won't ever break
Never, ever, never, no
It is instant, it is instinct
I can't see you, but still I know

It's beyond a decision, beyond a question
I'm merely a witness, butt I cherish my part
In the middle of it, gotta embrace it
Few things go that straight to the heart

There's something thicker than water
And the son becomes the father

Forever lasting and beyond
Forever lasting

Not much in us runs deeper
And it has since the dawn of man
Right to the essence of life, to the essence of us
It will take a while before you understand

Right now you simply can't,
And well, neither do we,
Down to the genes, bolder than all
In us, from us, yet stronger than me

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