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"Sometimes you need to rant and complain and trample over everything. Step down, step back, so you can see things the way they really are. And then enjoy what is left of them. If you're lucky. Sad but true. Have fun."

Waking up frustrated
From there it just gets worse
Time's tick-tock ticking away

Tough times don't last,
Tough people do
So I bite harder day by day

At first I asked to simplify
Now see the mushroom cloud
Rise above our lives

Burn it down - to brighter times
Taking back - what's mine all mine
Downgrade me - to brighter times
Downgrade, downsize, downright dead!

Days are in fast-forward
but life feels like slow motion
It doesn't have to be like this (but it is)

My abstract way of thinking
Is the perfect way of sinking
Kill it all before it kills me and us

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