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"They might not get it. They might think it's useless. But it has to be done. Let's just see what they have to say when you're back..."

Today I'm close to fame and freedom
You'll see me heading down the road
My back is score, my knees are bleeding
My goal is bigger than you know

I need my folks

If you believe there's nothing more to this
You stumble and you fall
All of the time you'll stand alone
If you believe the gods show you symphathy
You stumble and you fall
All of the time their eyes face the gate
Until I'm coming home

I can't betray myself with dreaming
Where my sins turn from black to gold
You bet your ass I'm a believer
Look in my face when I'm coming home

I need my folks

No longer bound to rust and concrete
Don't even know what's waiting there
Your expectations fall to zero
The more you mock the more I dare

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