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"there must be a way out of this mess. It's never too late to forget about all this wasted time and just let go. You can't be king of the world, if you're a slave to the grind, right? Just do it. The fact, this is a positive song."

We all have a lifetime
For the way straight down
From that very first moment
We all left the ground

And from the higher view
we might even see
This world offers more than grief

With our heads in the clouds
And our feet off the ground
We refuse to even try

Follow me
Follow me
To where cogwheels turn to dust
Follow me and disconnect yourself
From batteries and rust

It was too busy
Giving you a hand
My inner voice kept whispering
Can't afford a friend

Bearing this shiny cross
I stumbled on my way
'til I let go and kept myself
From slowly fading away


No more batteries and rust

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