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"Life on the road is oh so hard. Especially for good boys like us. This is 'More Than A Man' revisited, if you like, because temptation is still a bitch. If only we were cooler... Oh, and more cowbell, please."

Me and big G were checking the scene
A little aftershow stroll, if you know what I mean
Had a smoke and a beer, when things got weird
An unusual parade of beauty appeared

In for a good time and dressed to kill
All smiling at us, with a million scoville
Clenching our drinks, we felt a little tense
Only used to bearded rock dude fans

Not hard on the eyes, but hard on the karma
saints & singers, oh lord, spare us the drama

Altar boys - all alone out there
Altar boys - carrying their heavy load
Altar boys - fighting bravely
All the evils of the road

I said "G, Don't move! They can smell our fear!
and they're drawing closer, let's get out of here!"
So bubbly and curvy, all drop dead legs
Better cover your eyes, and think about...
somthing else

These girls got rhythm, we have to stick to the beat
Think about baseball or stare at our feet
Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder
A first row like this makes our minds wander

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