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Surrounded by friends.
They're just feeding arrogance.
You're losing sight.
Didn't even notice that you've
been alone all night.
Like they really care.
But you know they won't be
there to see you through.
They just take advantage
of the better part of you.
You don't know,
you don't know
what you're saying half the time.
You're in love,
you're (just)
in love with the sound
of your own voice.
Take it all,
take it all-
I don't need this anymore.
Go away,
go away,
you're not as special as you think you are.
Motivated by greed.
What a shallow life to lead.
It must be nice
getting what you want
every time you roll the dice.
I'm losing respect '
cause I know you're second best
at being you.
In the middle of it
all like you've got a lot to prove.
I was born this way,
and that's more than you can say.
You were never
good at getting older.
You should've seen
your face when your mouth
caught up with you

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