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Stabbed to Death Outside San Juan - text


The winter's wet, and the summer's hot
Take a match in Puerto Rico, why not?
Power and adrenaline flowing like amber
From the recesses of the earth, put on your waders
And twitch
When the water runs high sometimes
Twitch, when the tide ebbs low

See the sights, maybe go downtown
Sometimes you get some heat, sometimes it follows you around
When the blade hits the bone, everybody hears it sing
Shower room full of people, no one hears a goddamned thing
And twitch
When the current runs wild sometimes
Twitch, when the contact howls

All that racket out there in the arena
I’m on a stretcher, here come the cleaners
And the sky goes dark and there I am
Climbing down the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
I drop from the top of my tall steel cage
Drop to the concrete floor

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