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I'm sitting here numbly listening to low
Sounds of water on the quayside.
Stray cat beside me; cats only know
How I'd like to get to a place I can hide.

Haunted by broken sleep
Try to recover your vital forces
For the day, one of all same days.
In which you've got to drown.
Wake up, blissful townsfolk!
You have to make haste, run like race-horses
Till the town lets you die running,
'cause you don't have a chance to slow down.

Town is pretending to fall asleep.
By the dawn comes I'll be long gone.
But when I get to the place on the trip
That I dreamed of would I be left there alone?

You have nothing at all.
Any your dealings could not be worthwhile.
Off the map and your roadways I will get on the lane.
Good night, blissful townsfolk!
You have to sleep tight, dreamless and deep, while
Dirty rain washes up the sidewalks
Tearing the varicose veins of the drain.

Text přidal DevilDan

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