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It feels like a lover
I won't see in the morning
So I keep my eyes open through the night
I take these things for more than what they're worth
Call me a hopeless romantic, call me just plain pathetic
I am what I feel, and tonight I don't feel that much

The new is in, the new is in
I'm feeling better all ready
I shed my skin, I shed my skin
My head is starting to steady

I'm sorry I won't be reachable for days
I'm cutting myself off
Please leave me be in my misery
I'm making amends with my conciousness

So, come next year I won't be reachable for days
Because I'm taking time to let this story write it's page
I'm now convinced that there will be no other way

Break apart the boy I used to be
And build the man that I've become
I am a saint in sinners clothing
Watch me save the world
I am a saint in sinners skin
Now let the healing begin
Let the healing begin

I can look myself in the eye now
I can feel some magic happening
I can breathe on my own now
I can feel my body sinking in
Sinking in, sinking in

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