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Fear the great Pyramid, the domain of the sacriledge
Disgusting powers wield this place of horror
The ancient gods are back on earth, we serve the book of blood
The blood of men will drench the fields in darkness
Tear off their clothes, sting out their eyes
Lead the doomed prisoners to the sacrificial stone
Spread their limbs for ritual slaughter
Hispanic blood floats down the walls
Here in the temple of horror
Corpses are paled upon the stakes to please the ancient gods
Doomed to slaughter, sacrifice
Limps entangled in gore
The demi-gods from far away burn our souls in hell
Open their chests and tear out their hearts for the gods of blood
Their hearts were shown to the sun
Fertile blood floats from the ritual stone
We cut off their limbs and their skull will be paled to serve the ancient gods from hell
The voice from the gods of thunder, their breath will bring us death
Spitting balls of iron
Annihilation of civilization, doom
I am Cortez, I kill in the name of Rome
Hunting down the heathens, their blood is on my hands
I slaughter in Gods name
I violently serve the heavens

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