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Universe III. - text


See me look unveiled when I walk out of the canyon
And see me start to climb at the end of day
But who's there to see me walk out?
There's no beacon, no sun to block out
No bird of blaze, close dark voice says

"Do you really think there's anybody out there?"

So what, no one sees me
What do I care, now that the black night has seized me
On a mountain's mane, I climb to my claim
And I'm aimless, alone, and unraveling
And above barren wastelands stare at me
They know my name

"What do you want?"

Oh I know I'll be in the air
But my trail passes lions' lairs
And I see summits buried in more air
Buried in space
Safe, now there's no end in sight

How many times have I learned this before?
How many times have I made up this song before?
How many times have I died up here before?
And oh, how hidden tomorrow morning is
What heavy fog, what wide shadows

Universe, I know you

Text přidal Sigur

Videa přidal Sigur

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