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See me waving my handkerchief on the shore
See my arm raised high

See that ship sail off
With its sails aloft
And see me dry my eyes
And see more
Salty tears flow
As my house is blown wide
And see me watch the waves roll in from somewhere
See me squint my eyes
See me learn to live without my loved ones
See me scan the skys
And see
The flock of birds goodbye
And turn to go inside
But I feel you
On my neck

You are a bow of fire

See me reach up
See me touch my neck
See my fingers recoil
See the life come into my body
See me living wide
And see me look from side to side
And tiptoe in your light
See me look at you and lose my sight
And while my eyes burned I saw it

Oh no

Here comes a black ship
Rising under red sail
See it fill the sky
See it bellow up
See the their gleaming eyes
Hear their scary trumpets on

See me run in terror for the mountain
See me scramble high
And see me burned and blind
And all hopeless and barren
See me sprawled out
See me crawl and whine
See me search for signs
And I see you weird and high

You are a bow
Are a bow of fire
You are a bow of fire
You are a bow

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