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The blow came down from the hills
Followed by smoke, oh
The snowy blow

I could feel far off the glow
I made my way through September and the next month
Towards the glow
I moved slow down from the hills
I'm getting cold
Buried in snow

"Hey wake up, it's me The Glow
Wake up and listen close
Warm up and come down through the hills
Towards the warm red lamp window"

I started to glow
And it felt just like
Being pulled out by the tide
I held onto your side
We swam till it got light
Cause the blue was deep and wide

Inside our bodies glide
There's water in my eyes
We sank and we arrived
We found ourselves inside the light
The light with the glow

On the cold dark ocean floor
I felt warmth from behind a door
I asked to come inside
And the glow replied

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