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Mother Lover - text

The Mercary: Oh dang

Solan VeCtiS :What is it dawg?

The Mercary: I forgot its Mothers Day.

Solan VeCtiS: didn't get a gift for her.

The Mercary: Other plans got in the way.

Shell be so disappointed.

Solan VeCtiS: Damn I forgot it too.

The Mercary: This could have been avoided.

Both: What the hell are we gonna do?

Solan VeCtiS: My moms been so alone

Ever since my daddy left.

The Mercary: cold

Solan VeCtiS: No one to hold tight

Life fes putet tou the test.

The Mercary : I know just what you mean,

my ma been so sad and gray

Solan VeCtiS : Word

The Mercary : My dad cant satisfy her in the bedroom ever
since he passed away.

Both : Hold up.

The Mercary : You thinkin what Im thinkin?

Solan VeCtiS : Im thinkin Im thinkin too

Both : Slow up

The Mercary : What time is it dawg?

Solan VeCtiS : Its time for a switcharoo

Both: We both love our moms, women with grown gemen needs

I say we break em off

Show how much they really mean

cause ....

Both : Im a Mother Lover

youre a Mother Lover

We should love each others mothers

you love each others moms

I'me pushing that lady where you came out as a baby

Ain no dawt this issues is crazy

loving each others moms

Cause every Mothers Day needs a Mothers Night

If doing it is wrong, I dont wanna be right

Im callin only you cause I cant do it myself

to me youre like a brother, so be my mother lover

The Mercary : Im layin in the cut waitin for your mom
clutchin on this lube and roses

Solan VeCtiS : I got my digital camera,
Im ma make momma do a million poses

The Mercary : They will be so surprised

Solan VeCtiS : We are so cool and thoughtful

The Mercary : Cant wait to pork your mom

Solan VeCtiS : Im'a be the syrup, she can be my waffle

Both : Show’d off

Solan VeCtiS : My mother loves bubble bath with chamomile

Both : Straight up

The Mercary : Give it to my mom d - d- d - d- d - d - doggystyle

Both : This the perfect plan For a perfect Mothers Day
They have to rename this one
All up under the covers day

Cause Im a Mother Lover
youre a Mother Lover
We should love each others mothers
you love each others moms
Ill push in their place
where you came out as a baby
aint no doubt that issues is crazy
Loving each others moms

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