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Sins of the Pharaohs - text

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You saved your people long ago, Sending plagues upon pharaoh
Frogs and files, and grievous murrain, Rivers of blood, boils and blains,
First born dead, hail and thunder, Locust swarms, darkness asunder,
You led your kind from pain and death, To a promised land where mosses said set my people free
Now is here and here is now, Hear our prayers in Birkenau
In open graves your people lie, Blood and piss etched in their eyes
Why did you, oh god of creation, Abandon us to death and cremation?
Moloch lives in Nazi hate, But where is mosses, I hear his cry of
Set my people free
This is the oblivious veil of hate, where men are like worms without eyes,
Just silhouettes in disguise, Wheezy pendulums of times unending night.
I drown amongst the clamorous throes, A climbing tumult upon an empty sky,
Like rats we are, caught in a trap, far from Moab, and the Promised Land
Like fish on hooks, skinned alive, block 11, no one survives
A bullet shot, a coffin nail, left to rot, in a potters field
Armageddon has come this hour, but where is Mosses, I can hear his cry of
Set my people free
In Babylon long ago, A people lost by dismal woe
We believed in god up high, No chosen race, a race forgotten
Worms are we despised and rotten, Apathy is all we are
Where is Mosses? I can hear his cry of
Set my people free…

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