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Neonecropopulace has no reflection
Neocaeczaristic phallic ruins
Just east of the river denial the techs are breathing
Welcome to this neotokyo
Gridlocks will warn the chromlech alarms
Bouquet of cuticles
Landscape tantrums
Tramontane torching the tramontane
I've heard the mumbling of citadels shifting on this richter scale
The alleys will flow marble intercourse
Roil the pantheon... of subterfuge
Tramontane torching the tramontane
This marabout isn't untouchable
Indentured by servitude
Neoinfidels - let's plug them in
Neopolygraphic, trip chords
Centrocircuiphobia the fallacy
Welcome to neotokyo
Tore the wings off seraphin, fed them to the anglophiles
In this stag caberat the bark of buildings surged, through the whipping volt abode
Go to the lexicon you sluggard, if you will.

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