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Are you out of love with me?
Are you longing to be free?
Do I drive you up a tree?
Yeah! Oh, yeah!

Do I drive you up the wall?
Do you dread every phone call?
Can you not stand me at all?
Yeah! Oh, yeah!

Though I need you more than air
Is it true you just don't care?
Are you having an affair?
Yeah! Oh, yeah!

When we met I thought money was everything
So I let you buy the house, the cars, the ring
But I can't take your perpetual whining
And you can't sing

Aa aa aa aa aa aa aa
Aa aa aa aa aa aa aa
Aa aa aa aa aa aa aa

Yeah! Oh, yeah!

I thought if we lived apart
We could make a brand-new start
Do you want to break my heart?
Yeah! Oh, yeah!

I've enjoyed making you miserable for years
Found peace of mind in playing on your fears
How I loved to catch your gold and silver tears
But now my dear

What a dark and dreary life
Are you reaching for a knife?
Could you really kill your wife?
Yeah! Oh, yeah!

Oh, I die, I die, I die!
So it's over, you and I
Was my whole life just a lie?
Yeah! Oh, yeah!

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