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'67 Come Back as a Cockroach - text


Be nice or come back as a cockroach
Think twice before being cruel
Those who are unlawful
Will be something awful
When the wheel of life revolves
Flesh dissolves

Behave or demons will devour you
They crave the meat of bad boys
They find most delicious
The fresh flesh of vicious
Tots who would deny the Lamb
What a scam

How could one come back as a cockroach?
Why would a spirit eat meat?
I was a dyspeptic
Epileptic skeptic
Other kids ask "why?" at two
I still do

I want to come back as a cockroach
Or haunt some drafty mansion
I'm the kind of chil'n
Wants to be the villain
Always separate from the pack
Dressed in black

I'm still a dreadful goody-goody
Won't kill an innocent flea
From the time I began
I was mostly vegan
Let that little cockroach be
Don't kill me

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