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California Girls - text


See them on their big bright screen
Tan and blonde and seventeen
Eating nonfood keeps them mean
But they're young forever
If they must grow up, they marry dukes and earls
I hate California girls

They ain't broke, so they put on airs
The faux folks sans derrieres
They breathe coke and have affairs
With each passing rock star
They come on like squares
Then get off like squirrels
I hate California girls

Looking down their perfect noses at me and my kind
Do they think we won't
Well, never mind

Laughing through their perfect teeth
At everyone I know
Do they think we won't
Get up and go?

So, I have planned my grand attacks
I will stand behind their backs
With my brand-new battle axe
Then they will they taste my wrath
They will hear me say
As the pavement whirls
"I hate California girls..."

Text přidal Sigur

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